Nikolai Makarov Painting from Mimi Ferzt Gallery
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Product Description
This Nikolai Makarov "Untitled" Painting is framed with a black frame with gold accents. It's from 1997, signed and the painting size: 25.5 x 45.5. The gallery inventory # is: MAKA.A. 0160 and it was originally purchased from Mimi Ferzt Gallery in NYC.

Nikolai Makarov was born July 21, 1952 in Moscow. Attended Institute for Foreign Languages (Moscow), worked in MOSFILM Studio workshop and moved to East Berlin in 1975. Attends Humboldt University (Berlin) and Academy of Arts, was a student of the master class of Werner Klemke (Berlin) and Rudolf Hausner (Vienna). Admitted as Member of Artists House, Austrian Society of Fine Arts, in 1988. Currently director of the art association StilLeben e.V. in Berlin. President of Sergej Mawrizki Foundation from 2000.
Product Information
Product # 12792
Type Painting
Category Art
Style Shop by Style, Modern, Contemporary
Dimensions W 50.8" × H 31.0"
DNYC Price $8,995.00

Condition - Excellent
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