Gary Gutterman Abstract Painting on Canvas

Product Description
Gary Gutterman Large Abstract Painting on Canvas "Inside Marilyn" Dated 1982, Signed an hand-written story on reverse by G.G.

Gary Gutterman was a brilliant designer who took steel and acrylic furniture into new terrain. His intricately bent, innovative stainless tables were a huge success. He became an instant star in the To-the Trade design universe. Eventually came the $40,000 Argo coffee table. Gary Gutterman designed it in stainless but when I saw it on his drawing pad I convinced him to make it in acrylic. At the time a massive solid block that size hadn’t been done and cutting 6” thick acrylic into what looked like a bend looked like an impossible feat. Gary Strutin made all that happen.

In his later years Gary Gutterman took to painting and we fell in love with his painting, "Inside Marilyn" and had to have it. On the back you will find a small tribute Flower and Weed. He nicknamed me Flower (colorful personality) and Gary, Weed. (rampant creativity.) It was perfect for our soaring loft in New Rochelle and we regret it’s just too big for us to hang in a Manhattan apartment.

Gary was cut down by AIDS in the prime of his career. It was sad, cruel moment for us.

L. These words are from the paintings original owner and clearly, a dear friend!
Product Information
Product # 13033
Type Painting
Category Art
Style Shop by Style, Modern, Contemporary
Designer Designer / Artist, Gary Gutterman
Dimensions L 92.0" × H 66.5" × D 2.0"

Condition - Very Good
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